Station 1: H20 Boxing

Welcome to the latest in boxing innovation! Our H20 boxing bags create a dynamic workout with a unique feel. Filled with water, there are two size options for you to choose from – some weighing 35kg allow for lighter, faster impact, and speed work. Or for those looking to output more power, a 60kg bag will test even the most seasoned boxer.

H20 boxing provides lesser impact through the hands, wrists and shoulders, allowing more time to focus on increasing your agility, coordination, and balance, ultimately improving overall fitness.

Shift, Slide, duck and jab your way to a fitter you.

Intensity: Medium/High

Station 2: NOHRD Wall Bars

Introducing the NOHRD WallBar - a signature piece that opens the door to a wide range of body weight, assisted band, core, and flexibility exercises. Featuring adaptable units, you can add pieces to the WallBar to provide core-based pushing and pulling movements.

This style of training focuses on increasing full body strength, aligning posture, and increasing your range of movement, with the primary goal of strengthening your core stabilising muscles.

Intensity: Medium/High

Station 3: Cardio Line RUN/RIDE

Featuring running and riding HIIT efforts, our cardio line is where you’ll burn calories fast. With state-of-the-art equipment such as ergonomic bikes and treadmills that are powered by you, find the ultimate in comfort and performance during your workout. Focus on the music as you dig deep and fire up.

Intensity: Medium/High

Station 4: Fitness Benches

The perfect addition to Bnkr, the Fitness Bench is a premium quality piece of equipment that offers a large range of training options - keeping your workouts fun and adaptable.

Featuring an all-inclusive functional training kit; resistance bands, dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and training mat, the Fitness Bench is the perfect tool to house and assist you through your team training session. With all accessories at your fingertips, transitioning through multiple exercises has never been easier.

Intensity: Medium/High

Station 5: Anchored Training

Here’s where you’ll find the ultimate fusion of anchored and suspension training. Incorporating battle ropes, sled pulls, Torsonators, kettlebells and more, experience a new level of weight resistance exercises. Focusing on pushing, pulling and explosive movements, you’ll increase your muscle density and test your endurance all at the same time.

Intensity: Medium/High

Station 6: RIG Cells

This area is the complete compound zone, where your efforts will consist of bar squats, deadlifts, lunges, cleans & presses, and much more. This is a form focused space where technique and patience are everything. You’ll gain an understanding of compound movement before load and find joy in your fitness journey as you increase strength and stamina.

Intensity: Medium/High

Station 7: ERG ROW/SKI

Our signature ergonomic station combines rowing and skiing efforts with HIIT techniques to test all areas of your fitness. This zone is a starting point for all members, as progression and regression is completed up to the individuals work rate and effort.

Intensity: Medium/High

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